Monday, September 15, 2008

I Am Not Pregnant, And Other Great News


-Really annoying Tom Petty song from the 90’s that made my eardrums mutiny whenever I heard it


-the Stock Market as of last night

Yes, I am sure this is probably one of the happiest days of Richard Fuld’s life, right up there with his eighth birthday (when his mom planned the amazing party with the clown that ended up murdering his three best friends) or his wedding day (when his bride-to-be ran off with the groomsman).

No, this is not a happy day for anyone with even a passing interest in the United States economy. The dollar might as well be an empty Snickers bar wrapper for all the value it holds at the moment, the federal government finally decided to put its foot down after the damage had basically been done, and AIG needs to somehow come up with a few more (40 billion) dollars which, oddly, no one is clamoring to give them.

Gotta love how this great big grizzly bear of an economy can be traced pretty much directly back to the housing crisis. As a nation, we have the money management skills of a drunk toddler in a toy store, which seems to be catching up with us at long last.

And me? I’m feeling a bit under the weather this morning. See title.

Beats the alternative though!


Mommy bird said...

very glad you are not pregnant.... are people flipping in the streets where you are? this country is in such a mess...

tamie said...

Dude. Even I, who have really only a passing interest in the economy, have decided to get worried. I'm asking myself: should I buy gold while I still can? Should I buy land? Should I hole up in Montana and purchase a shot gun? Suddenly my little island in Alaska is looking like the perfect place to spend a winter...or a lifetime.

Lady Snark said...

Mom... me too! And yes, there is much flipping in the streets. Maybe not flipping so much as weeping. And gnashing of teeth. Very Dantean.

Tamie... just keep doing what you're doing, yo. People who know how to survive on a lean budget and live beneath their means will always thrive, no matter what state the economy is in. That's why I tend not to get too worked up about this stuff. If you can manage your money well, you'll do fine no matter how your neighbor is doing.

Probably not very integrated of me to say, but on the other hand, when the plane starts going down whose oxygen mask do you put on first?