Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Day So Far, In Haiku

Holy non-haiku word
What is the sun doing here?
Go away sun.

Stomach turning tricks
Perhaps fourth Monday drink
Was a bad idea.

Why would I mind
When your stinky dog licks my clean face
On the subway?

Where am I?
I really need to develop
A sense of direction.

Oh, okay.
Just took a different subway exit this time.
No problem.

Lots of work today.
I think I will procrastinate
First, then often.

I would rather not pay for
My plane tickets, Continental.

Why are people unreliable?
I rant
As I procrastinate.

I think that my friend would like
To pay for dinner tonight
Well, okay.


No-omi said...

I love your haiku.
Please oh please write more, my friend.
They tickle me. Thanks.

And that's why I'll never be a poet.

Dark Phoenix said...

Like the haikus...very interesting to say the least...well peace...

Lady Snark said...

no-omi... thanks, lady! I will write more haikus just for you. They're easy to whine in, and that's something I'm doing a lot of lately.

dark phoenix... thanks!