Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tips For The Weary Job Hunter-Gatherer

In this distressed economy, many of us will at some point or another be in search of gainful employment. Most of us would prefer that gainful employment to be, on a social acceptability scale, a little higher than bank robber.

Since I am an expert* at finding jobs, I have taken it upon myself to compile a handy list of tips for the weary job-hunter that are guaranteed** to have you back to work in no time.

*In the sense that I am not on welfare.
**Not a guarantee.

Resume Writing: How To Feint With Impunity

-A resume is a piece of paper that documents your greatness in order to get you within shouting distance of important people that would normally scowl at the sight of you so they will give you a job. The deeper the scowl, the better the prospective job and the less likely you are to get it.

-If you do not know how to write a resume, ask a friend to write one for you. This friend should have a few creative writing classes under their belt. A nice history of compulsive lying and getting away with it doesn’t hurt either.

-A resume generally includes things like your work history and educational background, plus really self-indulgent lists of your best qualities. However, you don’t have to include every little detail. When applying for work at a Fortune 500 company, you should skip the pole dancing and the drug peddling. If your resume is a little skint and you need to fill space, leave them in but describe them creatively. “Customer Satisfaction Expert” and “Marketing/Sales Director” are much more corporate-friendly ways to describe those occupations.

Getting People To Look At Your Resume: A Guide To Stalking

-I personally get resumes all the time. I throw them out, mainly because we’re not hiring. Don’t let that stop you! A good way to make sure that the person receiving your resume will actually pass it on is to include a nice crisp Benjamin Franklin with it, along with a thinly veiled bribe note indicating that there is “plenty more where that came from.” Of course, this may backfire if you are actually hired by this company and suddenly find yourself under pressure for more bribes from that person. Every job has its drawbacks.

-To circumvent the first tip, it helps to send your resume to places that are actually hiring for a real live position. However, doing so will place you in a nasty circle of capitalist competition—suddenly a lot of people are going for the same job opening you are (as opposed to the nonexistent job opening of the company that is not hiring), most of whom are probably better qualified than you! This is a problem, unless you have some background as a hitman (“Solutions Manager”). Do not lose heart. You have a tool at your disposal that most people have too much pride to utilize: stalking.

-Call early, call often, call incessantly. Believe me, you will make an impression. If you don’t end up with a job, you will at least end up in a place where people speak softly and feed you nice meals and even provide prescription drugs, thereby eliminating the need for a job altogether.

-If all else fails, include a naked photo of yourself with your resume. If you do not think that this tactic would work in your favor, choose a naked photo of someone of the appropriate gender that will. Most likely, the person receiving your resume will try very hard to score you an interview, just to see if you live up to the photo. Obviously you won’t if you borrowed the photo, but it will not matter. This is called “getting your foot in the door,” and it’s an accepted part of the job-hunting process.

Interviewing: The Fine Art of Making People Think They Like You

-Show up on time. It helps if you schedule the interview sometime between Oprah and House so that there are no conflicts.

-Don’t smell bad. If you are unsure of the process to ensure this, most bottles of shampoo and deodorant contain instructions on the back.

-Wear clothes, preferably clothes which contain ingredients like collars and buttons and unflattery. Not only is this corporate-friendly gear, it may fool the receptionist into thinking you might yet live up to the photo you sent, if only you were naked.

-Be prepared to explain the “gaps” in your resume, such as your three years in prison. It is a true fact that if you mention the words “Witness Protection,” all inquiries stop.

-You might meet one person during the interview, you might meet eight. Keep the names straight. The old “Post-It-On-The-Back” trick is always a winner.

-If the interview seems to be going south, don’t hesitate to mention your “special skills” and throw in a wink or two. You’ve got nothing to lose.

I personally do not see how you could fail to land a job, if you follow these tips to the letter. But if you do, don’t despair. There’s always a perfectly viable alternative to living on the street, and we all know what that is: A government bailout.

Best of luck!


beej said...

LOL Lady Snark, I think this has been my favorite of your posts here yet. I'll have to remember your employment seeking tips should I need them in the future! (I'd be one providing someone elses photo of course). :)
BTW, off topic (aren't I always) - everytime I check your blog and see your photo, the phrase "more X than you can shake a stick at" always pops into my head. In your case X would equal snark of course. Thanks for the laugh and keep em coming!

Mommy bird said...

Well as you know I need a job, so I will try and take your tips to heart. Perhaps you will be able to write a "creative" resume for me as I seem to not be able to come up for a good reason for spending the last year laying on the couch, sleeping in, reading good books, eating bon bons and trying not to have a nervous breakdown from my last job. How would you feel in that blank? :)

red_wagon said...

This rocked. Totally rocked. I will have to pass this on to blue, even though he already got his job. He'll totally appreciate it. And I will keep these in mind as I continue my new-job search!! I heart your writing!

Lady Snark said...

beej... thank you for the compliment, mon ami! In fact I was shaking that stick at someone. My former roommate and I were about to do battle for the couch. Or something. I don't recall the specifics.

mom... I think you could work in the phrase "psychological recovery." If you decide halfway through that you don't want the job, just start twitching.

red_wagon... Thank you! I hope these tips will be helpful to you. It would certainly be the first time... uh, Freudian slip... there was supposed to be a "not" in there somewhere...

Anonymous said...

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